Una llamada de Dios para formar a Sus almas víctimas para estos tiempos decisivos

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*APRIL 2012


You are My chalice

Jesus said, “Every priest has his chalice. You are My chalice. I desire to pour My blood and tears into you and offer you to the Father for the salvation of many...”


Jesus tells me, “Receive” My sorrows, My tears for humanity. Jesus desires for me to live in the “union of sorrows” with Him. Jesus has very few souls living in the union of sorrows with Him as Mary did.


This union of sorrows brings me into such a stillness of heart. My heart desires to live as a hermit, in the constant union of receiving His tears and offering them to the Father in the chalice of my heart, as Mary does. I feel my Lord calling me to live this life as a hermit, but in the cloister of my heart. This for me is very difficult, a great challenge because my life is filled with so much noise and many distractions and activities.



Holy Thursday

They follow the false shepherd, the king of lies and deception

Heaven cries with Me, My little one. ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?’ God will never forsake you, but your friends, family and even My Church will. I cry, for I have been forsaken by My very own, My priests. My flock has forsaken Me, their good Shepherd, for they no longer recognize the face and voice of their Shepherd, so they follow the false shepherd, the king of lies and deception. Heaven cries tears of sorrow with Me. My Way of love, life, truth, and happiness is abandoned and deserted except for a few, My holy remnant. I have been blessed, broken and continue to be given to all, yet few flourish and radiate My life. Why? Because they live in deception. It is only through the Way of the Cross that you will enter new life. The life of true love, true joy, and true peace. Bring many for Me to find The Way that has been lost and concealed through the deception of Satan. In this way, you will bring many to their salvation. You console Me in your obedience to My Holy Will. Know that I am with you, guiding you.


A crusade of victim souls

St Therese began my appeal for a crusade of victim souls by calling forth many “victims of merciful love” in the most ordinary. Conchita continued My appeal, and now you will bring it to its fulfillment. Believe, My daughter, believe for I Am God all powerful...


Satan is working to bring forth his new world order of destruction, but My crusade of victim souls will possess the power of God to crush the head of Satan. You are the heel of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Continue giving your life daily for the mission I have entrusted to you... Do not lose hope in all that I have placed in your heart. My crusade of victim souls will have to suffer greatly and be formed to perfection in love to fight this fierce battle, but know that My Cross has triumphed. Now, through this crusade, it needs to triumph in the hearts of My people. Persevere in love. Persevere in trust.



Only My victim souls will be able to fight this battle with My Mother

Deuteronomy 29

I the Lord of heaven and earth have spoken and given signs and wonders to My little mustard seed, but you persist in stubbornness. My people are vanishing in the trap of Satan as fish accumulate in the fishermen's nets to be brought out of the waters of life. My people are perishing as they accumulate by the multitudes in the net of Satan's deception. I have given you, My little ones, the treasures of heaven contained in My simple path to freedom, and you persist in your stubbornness. For 40 years, My people persisted in their stubbornness as I led them to new life...


(How have I persisted in stubbornness, my Lord?)

You must be bold, My little one for the justice of God is now upon you...

A time of great darkness is approaching; life as you know it will cease to exist. It is only My victim souls that have entered the safety of the Cross who will be in peace, and it is only they, My victim souls, who will be able to fight this battle with My Mother. My priests who do not become one with the Word of the Cross will perish with the multitudes. Your mission is to raise up My victim souls for this decisive battle. If you do not respond to this desire of My Sacred Heart, you will have forsaken Me.



*MAY 2012


Luke 23:26-31

Multitudes will be caught in dismay as a thief in the night

Cry with Me for Jerusalem. The multitudes will be caught in dismay as a thief in the night... The justice of God is upon you. The wood of My Cross is not dry, and it will take on new life with the blood of My martyrs. Do not cry for Me but for those who do not see Me, for their eyes have been covered by Satan's deception. Bring them, My daughter, as one with My Mother, to the foot of the Cross to see the glory of God before them. God the Father will use the blood of My martyrs as ONE with My Blood to open the eyes of the blind during the time of great darkness. Through your blood in suffering as ONE with the Word of the Cross, the eyes of many will be opened before the decisive battle begins.



All will be called to choose.... Your faith will be tested

You are not appreciated in your own hometown. This is the life of all the prophets. Suffer all with Me, no longer two but ONE in My sacrifice of love for…. all yours.

Love in suffering with Me. Cry tears for Jerusalem, for the hour of My mercy is coming to its end and the hour of justice is upon you. All will be called to choose.... Your faith will be tested. You will not be able to remain lukewarm any longer. You will be with Me or against Me. The multitudes will forsake Me, but My holy remnant of victim souls will remain with Me till the end. The salvation of many will come through the faithfulness of My holy remnant. Remain in Me as I remain in you. Prepare My people, My daughter, for the Father has found favor in you.


A letter to the MOC

We suffer and cry with our Beloved, as ONE with our Mother of Sorrows

Jesus cries tears for us, His children, His friends. Many are going astray, blinded by Satan's deception. Jesus suffers for us and with us. In the Eucharist, He continues to live His agony of love.


How do we feel when we are suffering, and a friend comes and suffers with us? We are consoled. As MOC, we are called to be consolers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as ONE with the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mary continues as ONE to suffer ALL with Jesus, that is why she is the Mother of Sorrows. As MOC, we need to enter and live the sorrows and interior exhaustion (fatigue) we feel in our hearts. We need not fight this, but enter into the suffering profoundly and suffer and cry with our Beloved as ONE with our Mother of Sorrows. God desires to use this HIDDEN MARTYRDOM of our hearts as grace for many who are in great danger of hell, especially many priests.


I ask my Lord, “But where is the JOY; I can't seem to even smile?” And the image I see is the face of our Mother of Sorrows. I do not see a smile in her face. The joy, I have come to understand, is the peace of the Father in believing that I am participating in the bitter chalice of my Beloved with Him. The joy, is, interior peace in living in the Divine Will. The joy is in the faith of knowing that I am redeeming souls with Jesus as I participate in His interior crucifixion.


I also have asked the same question whether I am being fully available to my family. This too has become part of my interior suffering. As I have grown through the years in my vocation as a MOC, it seems that I have a deep interior life that I did not have before. This union with my Lord in His suffering and love is real, demanding and at times exhausting.  It's as if I am now living two lives: my life with my family and my interior life with my Lord that is also very vibrant. They are not necessarily separate from each other, but complement each other and are distinct. Because of this, I often find myself asking the question, “Am I being “available” enough to my family?” I never remember asking this question so much before becoming a MOC. My Lord has shown me in different ways that I am available to my family and in a much deeper way that I was not able to be before. Just the fact that I now ask this question consistently forces me to be even more attentive to the needs of my family.


A true friend, from one MOC to another

Listening to your words I understand the meaning of all my sufferings, frustrations, and disappointments of the last days. 

You are the consolation where my heart can rest and refresh...

Yes, as he said at the end of his words "we need friends.... "but I'm going to finish his sentence:  

Yes, we need friends to love us to the extreme of telling us the truth!!! No matter what!!!

We need friends to wake us up!

We need friends that will love us enough to be willing to shake our world completely, in order for us to shake away the old man for the new man to raise up from the ruins of our hearts of stone! 

Then we will have the new hearts of flesh that our Lord wants to give us! 

And then, and only then, we will bring forth the new evangelization of love!

one to eternity, my friend and mother of my heart!!!



*JUNE 2012


First Saturday, Mary visits the MOC

Receiving the crown of thorns

As the MOC were praying the rosary, Mary came to me interiorly… In her hands, she held a crown of thorns. As she presented me the crown of thorns, I received the understanding that the crown of thorns of Jesus was the same crown of thorns of Mary. I saw the Two Hearts in the center of the crown as ONE.


Then I saw myself standing next to Mary, holding with my two hands the crown of thorns. I saw all the MOC kneeling as they prayed the rosary, wearing white veils and white gowns. Mary wanted to place the crown of thorns on each mothers' head, but as we began walking towards the mothers, she hesitated. I asked, “What is wrong, Mother?”


Mary explained that each mother needed to receive the crown by giving their “fiat”. I said to Mary that all the mothers have given their fiats to be victim souls, but Mary had me understand that our fiat must be lived in every moment, in every trial, in every suffering, in every hardship. She will not bless us with each thorn if we do not receive it.


I shared this with all the mothers, and then Mary proceeded to place the crown on each mother. I would hand her the crown and she would place it on each mother's head.


Then I saw blood dripping down all the faces and garments of all the mothers. When I saw them all white in purity, they were beautiful, but now dripping in blood, they resembled the beauty of Jesus. At this very moment Mary disappeared and all the mothers clothed in blood were drawn by an immense force into Jesus Crucified on the Cross. I saw the mothers as white lilies all around the bottom of the Cross and were being united through their blood in suffering into Jesus Crucified.


I remembered the words our Lord had spoken to me in the past about the MOC being the “sweet fragrance” that reaches the throne of the Father. Through this visitation from our Mother, I understood clearly how we are the “sweet fragrance” that Abba is so pleased with when we are ONE with the Word of the Cross.


Through this visit and experience, Mary was forming us, the MOC! She taught us the value of each thorn. We could not shed our blood without the thorns penetrating our hearts. It was the gift of the crown of thorns that made us resemble the beauty of Jesus crucified. We were beautiful when I saw the mothers dressed all in white, but it wasn't until we received the thorns and began to bleed that we resembled the beauty of Jesus Christ. It was then that we were drawn through the power of the Holy Spirit into oneness with Jesus Crucified and our lives became, through the hands of Mary, a gift of sweet fragrance to the Father.


She also taught us that the crown is presented to us as a GIFT. Mary cannot crown us without our “fiat”; therefore, we must live our fiat in every instant of our lives. Mary today was perfecting and purifying our fiat!



I seek souls to quench My thirst for love

My daughter, you will satisfy My thirst for your love as My spouse as you lay down your life for the mission I have placed in your heart. This mission is My love for humanity, for each of you. This mission is My thirst in the depth of My Sacred Heart for unity in Love. That is, unity in the love of the Most Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit consumed in My Heart is the thirst of the Father for each of you. This thirst of love moves Me to pour out My precious Blood for you so that your thirst for love can be quenched. But I continue to thirst and seek souls to quench My thirst for love. My Mother brings you to My crucified feet to give Me your kiss of repentance so that the eyes of your soul can be opened, and you can see and taste through the gaze of My crucified eyes My love for you. My thirst for your love is quenched when I look down from My glorious Cross and see you, My beloved sons and daughters, dressed in the white garment of purity, wearing My crown of thorns, and covered in the radiance of My Blood. Then, My thirst is quenched.


Gregory teaches us first and foremost the importance and necessity of prayer. He says: "It is necessary to remember God more often that one breathes” because prayer is the encounter of God's thirst with our thirst. God is thirsting for us to thirst for him. Pope Benedict XVI, August 22, 2007


Feast of the Sacred Heart/ Jesus reveals dead hearts


This morning in Mass I saw Jesus interiorly in my heart in radiant Light holding His Heart in his left hand. His entire Being was Light, not just His Heart. A Light moving out, expanding, penetrating.... A Light that also drew you into Himself.


Then tonight I began to see Jesus again in the same way, but there was no light coming forth from Him, and the heart I was now seeing in His hand was small, shriveled and black. It seemed like a dead heart to me. I could not understand what the Lord was revealing to me. I asked throughout the Mass if this was from God or Satan. I feared at one point that this heart could be mine, but the Spirit gave me the peace that it wasn't. It was after the Mass before the Blessed Sacrament that our Lord explained.


The Light of God will not shine forth for a time. It is you (meaning plural) that must keep My Light shining in the world. These hearts I reveal to you tonight (this one dead heart represented many) dead in sin will come back to life through the blood of My martyrs of love. Receive tonight on the Feast of My Sacred Heart these hearts.


(How My Lord do I receive them?)

Water these hearts with your tears of sorrow, pray for them through the prayer of your pure suffering, bless them with your kiss of love and anoint them with the graces of My Eucharist. It is the life of My victim souls that has the power to bring back to life the dead. My daughter, raise up many victims of love for many will be lost during the time of great darkness.


(Why will your Light, my Lord, not shine forth? How is this possible?)

God the Father in His infinite mercy and justice has willed this from the beginning of time. It is you, My living Hosts, that will keep My Light shining.


Teach My path of holiness to many

You must all now move out into the world with great boldness of heart. Boldness rooted in your belief in Me and in your love for Me and souls. Look around, look outside of yourselves and your individual families and communities, and see and hear the destruction of Satan. My people remain asleep. Awaken them through My voice and teach My path of holiness to many. You are no longer a seed; My seed has sprouted, and its roots are strong and anchored in the rock of My Church, My Sacraments, My Word. This seedling is strong and nourished in My Blood, My Mother's tears, and the blood of My martyrs of love. Persevere, My family, for this seedling will grow to become My Cedar of Lebanon. During the time of great darkness, many will come into her shade for protection... Do not be afraid to share all the treasures you each have received. Be bold, My family. Do not keep the Light of My treasures hidden within the lamp shade, but remove the shade and allow the Light to shine forth. Do not be concerned if My Light is rejected. Go in peace and expose My Light to the world.


Mark 12:1-12 –Parable of the Wicked Tenants

Expose the darkness in the hearts of My ministers

You have been chosen by the Father as My prophet of light. The light shines and pierces the darkness. As My prophet of light, you are called to expose the darkness in the hearts of My ministers. You are called to expose their impurity, their lack of holiness, for they seek places and titles of honor. How many seek poverty? How many seek exhaustion? How many seek Truth by spending hours daily with Me, Truth itself? How many seek to serve the poor?


My Missionaries of the Cross are My Apostles of Light during this time of great darkness. They will expose the darkness of sin in the hearts of My ministers and bring them to repentance at the foot of My Cross. They will lead them through the Cross to transformation in Me. Do not be afraid of rejection and persecution, for you each are called to be ONE with the Crucified...

I will reveal to you the sin in the hearts of My ministers, and My missionary priests will cast out the demons. You must work together, for this is the plan of God. You were united as one by the Father not only in heart but in the work of My mission. Be obedient to My holy Will.


Confirmation on 6/30/12 from Lamentations 2:

“Your prophets had for you false and specious visions; They did not lay bare your guilt to avert your fate; They beheld for you in vision false and misleading portents.”

*JULY 2012



You (Mothers of the Cross) are My warriors of love fighting the Beast and you will slay him

My daughters, you are My warriors of love fighting the Beast and you will slay him. Believe and place your hope in Me and all I have taught you. I have been preparing you for this battle. I have dressed you with God's heavenly armor for protection. Those who have not chosen to follow Me are being swept away in Satan's deception. The lukewarm will not survive. You possess the power of God to free many from Satan's deception and bring them to life in Me. Persevere in love, in living all that I have taught you. Do not become discouraged, but believe in the triumph of My glorious Cross. Rescue many souls in the net of Satan's deception through your participation in My crucified love. The Cross IS the power of God to defeat Satan and bring all to new life. Unite as ONE to My Cross and believe in the power of your hidden sorrows of heart to free the world from Satan's grasp. Be My warriors; fight with the zeal and power of My Spirit. Go in peace and know that I am with you.



The hidden life and the Eucharist

The Eucharist is the power of God in the world. The love of God is the Eucharist and is transmitted through the Eucharist. Learn about the hidden life by contemplating My Eucharistic life. I am hidden from your human eye but completely present. I am verbally silent, yet My soul speaks to your soul. I am humble, pure, simple, silent, generous, forgiving, merciful, patient, tender. I give Myself fully to the good and the bad, to the deserving and the undeserving, to those that love Me and to those that persecute Me, for when one is not obedient to the precepts of My Church, I am persecuted. I continue to love those that do not love Me. I continue to love those that use Me. I continue to love the unfaithful. I continue to love those indifferent to My love. I am left alone in the Tabernacles of the world with few that come to be with Me, to adore Me and to give Me thanks. I cry, but My tears are hidden. I intercede continuously before the throne of our Father for all. My hidden life in the Eucharist is seen by Abba and blessed by Him Who sees all.


Your ordinary and hidden life through the Cross becomes united to My Eucharistic life. Your hidden life takes on the same power as My hidden life because we are no longer two but ONE. These are My living hosts. In this union of love, you enter and live in the realm of God. Through Me, with Me and in Me your most ordinary life is the power of God. Your thoughts, words, deeds, but most especially your tears and sorrows of heart, possess the power of God to bless the world. Your hidden life not seen by anyone is seen by God and through Me, with Me and in Me He blesses many. Your life as ONE with My Eucharistic life moves beyond time and space.


Ponder My Eucharistic life with the Holy Spirit and Mary. I desire for you to help Me form many living hosts to shine the light of God and to pierce the darkness. You grow in holiness as your hidden life is lived to greater perfection in My hidden life.


Will you follow Me to My Cross where our love will be consummated in the power of God?

I desire to have men, women and children who know God and give themselves fully to love God before anything else. The Kingdom of God will come upon the earth. My holy remnant of victim souls will bring forth the Kingdom of God upon the earth.


You have been chosen by the Father to be My voice on earth, to speak My words. You have been chosen to help form My holy remnant of victim souls for the decisive battle. Bring Me victim souls!


It is My victim souls abandoned to My crucified love that possess the power of God to defeat Satan and usher in the reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Do not be afraid to be My voice. Do not be afraid to be crucified with Me. Be My spouse. A bride follows her spouse wherever he goes. Will you follow Me to My Cross, where our love will be consummated in the power of God? Suffer all with Me, your Spouse, through the embrace of the silence of the Holy Spirit. This is most pleasing to Me. Trust, for there isn't a suffering I permit that will not bring you into the union of love I desire. Trust in the power of suffering all as ONE with Me. It is this power that will set the world on fire with My Spirit. Raise up My victims of love for these decisive times.


Eucharist reveals what each of you are called to become

Why did I choose to remain on earth in a host? In this way, I am present to all, for you to contemplate and to receive Me as living Bread. I remained with you to nourish your life with Divine life. To prepare you, strengthen you, and become one with you as you journey the path to eternal life in God. I remain in this hidden and ordinary way so that your hidden and ordinary life can be transformed into Divinity and thus participate here on earth in the unity and Divine life of the Most Holy Trinity. The Eucharist is the life of God that has the power to heal and transform you from within. In the smallness of the Host is revealed the grandeur, majesty, and greatness of God. The Eucharist is the greatest miracle of God for humanity. The Eucharist reveals God's faithfulness to His people. The Eucharist reveals what each of you are called to become.


Remain and live in the embrace of the silence of the Holy Spirit

I live in you. I have come to remain in you as My living tabernacle. In this way, I am not alone. You can feel Me, see me, touch Me and I can hear your words of love and tenderness towards me, your God and Spouse. I can feel your touch and receive your kiss of love and purity. I desire to remain with you as one with you in this embrace of love. For your part, protect this union through the purity of your lips. Remain and live in the embrace of the silence of the Holy Spirit. My little one, love Me and be attentive to Me.



My living Hosts possess the power of God

Jesus again, after receiving Holy Communion, allowed me to see Him in the Eucharist. I felt and saw the Host within me. The Being of Jesus began to expand and possess my being. His arms and hands became one with mine. His entire Person became One with me. His eyes, His Heart, His ears, His mind... Then I felt His Blood flowing through me. Jesus becoming fully fused, one in me. Jesus then allowed me to see the Light shining within me and moving outside of me. He said, you not only possess Me but the Trinity because the Father, Son and HS are one. My living Hosts possess the power of God. They no longer belong to this world, but live in the realm of God. Go now and shine My light on all.

Jesus reminded me that I need to grow in silence.



Will you speak about the life of My victim souls needed for these decisive times?

Jesus asked me to read again JN 6:60-71

My little one, have not the words that I have spoken to you in the depth of your heart brought you life? My Words are spirit and life. They have the power to transform you when you have the humility to abandon yourself to Me and trust. Will you speak My Words with boldness and zeal for My house? Will you call forth My remnant of victim souls for the decisive battle at hand? Can I send you, My little one, or will you forsake Me too? My daughter, I spoke about eating My flesh and drinking My Blood, will you speak about the life of My victim souls needed for these decisive times? This is your mission as My prophet of light.


*AUGUST 2012


Living Hosts, The Hidden Force Which is the Eucharist 

During cenacle I saw a Host as if suspended in the sky. Then the Host was filled, consumed with the Light of Jesus. Then I felt the gaze of the Father upon His Son in the Eucharist and the Light of the Father came as a beam of radiant Light to His Eucharistic Son. Then the Light of the Holy Spirit issued out of the Eucharist. Then I saw a human body. It was not any one person, so I understood that this person represented all of us. The Light of the Eucharistic Jesus penetrated fully and was consumed in this person. I felt the gaze of the Father upon His Son fully one with this person. This human person was the living tabernacle containing the life and light of Jesus. Then the light and power of the Holy Spirit issued forth from this person.


I understood that the Lord was giving me an interior vision of the spiritual reality of a living host. It is only the love of God that can penetrate darkness. God was revealing to me the life and unity of the Trinity through their Light. The love of God is a continuous flow and unity of love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


As our hidden life becomes one with Jesus' hidden life in the Eucharist, He becomes one with us. The gaze of the Father is always on His Son; therefore, His gaze is then set upon us for we are one with Jesus. Then the love of the Father and the Son, which is the Holy Spirit, can consume us and flow from us to the world.


As living hosts, our lives enter the realm of God and therefore can affect the world according to the desire of God Himself. Our hidden and ordinary lives become the hidden force of the light and love of the Trinity. This is the hidden force which is the Eucharist and the hidden force which has the power to penetrate the darkness of Satan.


I am making all things new

My daughter, I am making all things new. Believe in all that has been given to you. Live in the power of My crucified love. The darkness will not prevail, but the Light will conquer the darkness. Be My light in the world. The time has come for you and Father to proclaim to all the mission I have entrusted to you, My little ones. Do not be afraid to speak the truth of all that I tell you. The hidden force will conquer the darkness of Satan, but My hidden force must be intensified and grow. God will do great things through His holy remnant of victim souls. My messages to you must be given to all. It is time for My messages to be published. You must be willing to be My voice and ascend Calvary as ONE with Me to be crucified. It is this obedience to My Will that will make all things new in the unity of love of the Most Holy Trinity. Pray with father and respond as ONE.



Words given during Cenacle to LC community concerning our covenant

I the God of Heaven and Earth have received your covenant.

God the Father: I, the God of Heaven and Earth have received your covenant.  I have placed you in the palm of My hand to guide you, to protect you, to bless you, to anoint you.  I seal you on your foreheads with the sign of the cross with the precious Blood of My only-begotten Son.  I am forming you to fight the decisive battle at hand.  Do not be afraid, for I, the God of Heaven and Earth, am with you.

You must become ONE with the sacrifice of My Beloved Son so that you can possess the power of God to pierce the dragon and conquer him.

The world does not understand, but you understand, for you have listened to my Son. Be at peace My Family, know that I am with you. I hold you in the palm of My hand and I bless you.


World as you know it will cease to exist

Soon, the world as you know it will cease to exist. My followers will be persecuted. You will be hunted down as beasts are pursued in secret, hidden, and captured. There will be much wailing in the streets of Jerusalem. Be attentive, for the justice of God is now approaching the world. It will visit you as a thief in the night. My messages must now be published, 'It Is My Victim Souls That Will Conquer the Dragon; Bring Me Victim Souls!'


(Then Jesus asked me to go to His Word (the Bible) to confirm what He just said. I opened to 1 Samuel 20:24-42.)


The beast will pursue you as Saul pursued David... The beast shall die. He will be killed by the Word of the Cross, which is the Sword of the Spirit. Be My sword!

(Jesus said these words after I read 1 Samuel. He spoke, and then I wrote, so they are not exact but close in meaning.)


to MOC

Believe in the power of your hidden ordinary lives lived through Me, with Me and in Me  


Today's Gospel was from Matthew 17:14-20 "Amen, I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."


My gaze is upon each of you. I see your struggles; I know your trials; I feel and suffer your sorrows; I collect your tears; I suffer with each of you. Have perfect faith in the God that loves you. Believe all that I have spoken to you. It will all come to pass for the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls. Believe in the power of your hidden ordinary lives lived through Me, with Me and in Me, ONE with Me no longer two. Believe in My crucified love, in the power of My crucified gaze to penetrate all darkness. My gaze is upon you; allow Me to heal your wounds and purify all darkness. My desire for you, My thirst for each of you, is to make you My living icons. My little ones, suffer all with Me, gazing upon My crucified love so that your suffering can perfect your faith, and you can become My living chalices upon the world redeeming, restoring, and purifying with Me. Learn to wait upon the Lord, for that proves your love and perfects your trust. Be one in Me with Mary as your Mother.

Note: “Power of your hidden lives”.  The word “power” has been given to us often. It refers to His power in our ordinary lives.  This power works in humility, when we allow him to reign in us, through tenderness, through our gaze.   



Feast of the Assumption

Interior bridal gown of the Mothers of the Cross

These are the words of our Blessed Mother describing the significance of the veil and bridal gown worn interiorly by the MOC:


The veil signifies spousal union. The covering of your hair signifies that you belong totally to God; you are no longer of this world. You now live before the gaze of the Father at the foot of His throne. The veil and habit (bridal gown) are all white and red, symbolizing the love and mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You live consumed in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


The length of the veil symbolizes the wings of the Holy Spirit. As spouses of Jesus Christ, you are also spouses of the Holy Spirit. You live in the shadow of His wings, which envelop you in His pure love. His wings cover you as you live before the throne of the Father. His wings protect you from the snares of the devil. His wings lift you to receive the kiss of union from your Beloved. His wings carry you to heaven to live with the angels and saints for all eternity.


The neckline is gold, representing the living chalices. Your lives as ONE with Jesus crucified pours out His love and mercy upon many souls. You will collect the blood and tears of suffering of many, and through me, unite it to my crucified Son. You will collect the blood in suffering through your prayers and union in suffering with the agony of my Son.


Your habit (gown) is long representing you are ALL for the Lord: body, soul, spirit...


Hidden in the center of your habit is my Heart with many thorns embedded very deep to symbolize, that like me, you are God's hidden martyrs of love. You live adoring, glorifying, loving, and thanking Jesus for His interior crucifixion. Your every breadth must be in gratitude and love for His hidden martyrdom of love.


Your apostolate… must be to proclaim Jesus' interior crucifixion and teach many how to unite their hidden sorrows of heart, through the Cross, to my Son's hidden life in the Eucharist. You are God's living hosts, and you will help form many living hosts to bless the Church and world.


Around your waist is a rope. This represents the rope tied around Jesus' hands during His trial. You unbound Him with your love and the rope now around you symbolize your union with Him in His agony and crucifixion. Through Him, with Him and in Him you will help unbound many souls, especially priests, from the bondage of sin.


Your habit (gown) is mostly white symbolizing your purity as living hosts. You will be ONE with the power of God in the Eucharist for the salvation of many and the consolation of my Son.


Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Red rose of humility

Humility is the rose of pure fragrance that delights the Heart of the Father. Its petals open and expand revealing the beauty of its interior life. Humility in its perfection is red, that is why I reveal to you a red rose. Humility is clothed in the precious Blood of my Son. Its pure fragrance is love in suffering. Its beauty is Love crucified. Its petals are obedience, poverty, faith, silence, recollection, honesty, truth, innocence, boldness, zeal for the house of the Lord, tenderness, kindness, perseverance... All its petals have blossomed from the purity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The radiance and beauty of each petal is the purity of God. Be the roses of humility at the foot of the throne of the Father.


Feast of St. Monica

Cross of My beloved Son is the Sword that conquers all darkness

Words from God the Father:

You, My little one, simple, humble, pure, insignificant in the eyes of the world have been chosen by your Father. You have been given the gift to hold the Sword of the Spirit. (My God I do not understand what these words mean.) It is this sword that will pierce the dragon and cast him into hell. As My sword bearer, you will lead My army into battle. The Cross of My beloved Son is the Sword that conquers all darkness. You will form and raise up My army of victim souls, for it is they that possess the power of God as ONE with the Word of the Cross, but you hold the golden sword of the mission. Protect this sword, My little one, for Satan will try to snatch it from you.


I need you, My holy remnant, to suffer and cry with Me

My soul cries without ceasing. My cup overflows with My tears. My beloved children are being lost for all eternity. As a mother laments for her dead child, I weep for My dead children, dead in sin. I need you, My faithful remnant, to save them from Satan's deception. I need you, My holy remnant, to suffer and cry with Me so that the mercy of God, our Father, can save them. You are My Body. My eyes must pierce the darkness through your eyes. My hands must heal the multitudes through your hands. My feet must travel to the ends of the world proclaiming My message of love and mercy through you. My Words of everlasting life must be spoken through your lips. The fire of My Sacred Heart must spread through your hearts that are consumed in the passionate fire of love in Me. Raise up, My little one, My victims of love for the New Evangelization to begin. 


I cry tears to see and feel the sorrow of my Lord. Help me Mother to know how to respond to bring Him consolation. My Lord and my God, I am so sorry. Holy Spirit move me to give my life calling victim souls for my Lord.


Bring Me many victims of love for the purification and salvation of the world

I heard the Lord say, "Look, look!" I perceived much blood coming forth from Jesus' pierced Heart on the Cross. I felt many victim souls uniting as ONE with Jesus crucified. As these souls united with Jesus' sacrifice, the intensity of the Blood of Jesus gushed forth with greater power and a greater amount of blood, as a river receives the waters from the melted winter snows it flows with greater force.

Then Jesus explained:

Look, My daughter, look! See the power of My hidden force (victim souls). See the power of your hidden ordinary lives. See and believe. Your lives, your bodies, your blood, your tears united in Me produces a living torrent of grace gushing forth from My Pierced Heart. This is the final outpouring of My mercy upon the earth. Look at the picture of My Divine Mercy. As My Body (the Church) becomes ONE with Me, My Blood will intensify to cover the face of the earth. Go forth My little mustard seed and bring Me many victims of love for the purification and salvation of the world.





As I prayed the scourging at the pillar, Jesus said:

Love bears all for the other

My daughter, will you receive the latches that will be inflicted upon you as ONE with Me for our sons and daughters?

Interiorly, I saw Jesus being scourged. I came to Him and knelt in front of Him. I placed my hands over His bound hands. His gaze pierced through my being. He then said, “Love bears all for the other.” Immediately, the gaze of my Lord brought to my mind the thorn that had been piercing my heart with sorrow. In an instant, I felt and remembered all the people that have hurt me, and I was even aware of resentments in my heart of wounds that have not healed. As one with Jesus I repeated, “Love bears all for the other.”  I prayed to my Lord from the depth of my heart for all these people. My eyes never left His gaze, but I could constantly feel His Body being whipped and His Words, “Love bears all for the other” consuming my being with love.


Feast of the Name of Mary

Mourn with me

(Mary) Mourn with me. Very soon the first chastisement will befall the earth... Many lives will be lost... I felt Mary in mourning, dressed all in black. She asked me to pray and fast for Pope Benedict XVI.



Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross

The triumph of my Lord's Cross is fulfilled in me

As I gaze upon the glorious Cross and come into contact with Love, my search for truth, love and happiness is found. I see my life as the triumph of God's Cross. As I die with my Lord and Savior, my life, insignificant as it is, becomes the triumph of the Cross, the triumph of love. The triumph of my Lord's Cross is fulfilled in me, His Body and Bride. In this intimate union of love, I participate in my Lord's sorrows and tears as I suffer with Jesus the horrible reality of my own sin and the sin of humanity. This union of sorrows heals me of my self-love and selfishness as it draws me to know Love. My femininity finds its identity in my Mother of Sorrows, for pure love moves us to bear all for the Other and with the Other.


The union with my Love Crucified stretches me as Jesus' Body was stretched on the Cross. The tent of my heart is stretched and expanded as God calls me to love beyond my human capacity or desire. In the ordinary of my daily life, Abba teaches me to love as Jesus' crucified love stretches me more-and-more. I feel the spiritual and physical reality of my life and body being blessed, broken continuously a little more-and -more, and given so that others may feed and be nourished from the Bread of Life that lives in me.


It is in this docility of heart in which we voluntarily allow God to stretch us in Jesus crucified that we become transformed in Love, so that it is no longer we that live but Jesus crucified Who lives in us!


Feast of the Mother of Sorrows


My daughter, very soon the first chastisement will come upon the earth. Many lives will be lost. Pray and suffer with Me in reparation for so much sin in the world. Pray and suffer with Me for the salvation of many.



Mary will come with the reign of the Holy Spirit

Prepare for the coming of the Christ. You have been chosen to prepare the way for the coming of Christ. He will come in all His glory to be seen by all. My first coming was through the passage of My Blessed Mother; therefore, Mary will come with the reign of the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for My second coming. Hold fast with perseverance and love to all I have said to you. The triumph of My Mother's reign as one with the Holy Spirit will come through the blood of My hidden martyrs of love. This hidden force will prepare the way for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. Will you allow the angel to pierce your heart with the sword of the mission? (My Lord I already said 'yes' why do you ask me again?)


Prepare your heart through the interior sufferings you are being given. Suffer all with patience and love knowing the love of God the Father for you in Me for the glory of God and the salvation of the world. Participate in the groans of My Sacred Heart as you labor with the pains of bringing forth new life. (Romans 8:22-23, 26)




Feast of St. Francis of Assisi 

Message to lay MC:

My little one, their eyes continue to remain blind, for they continue to seek many things before Me, their God who saved them and is all powerful and mighty; the God who controls all things in the heavens and on earth.

Pride, self-love, vanity... for they desire the recognition and acceptance of many, before seeking the recognition of their Lord and Savior. Repent, repent, repent! Turn to Me, come to Me, gaze at Me, who desires to make you the holy men of the Kingdom of God. Seek and you shall find, knock and I will open the door of My Heart for you to enter to be consumed in the fire of My love, the Holy Spirit.


Receive My Blood in suffering

After I received Holy Communion, Jesus said, “Be at peace, your Spouse is with you. Receive My Blood in suffering.”


In an instant, I understood! I am receiving the precious Blood of my Spouse through every suffering He permits in my life! I receive His Blood through suffering.


I am His spouse of His Most Precious Blood; therefore, my life must be filled with sufferings. But I must suffer ALL with patience, love, abandonment, and perseverance, in this way, it becomes ONE in my Lord's sacrifice of love.


Thank you, my Beloved, for strengthening me this morning to suffer well the sorrows that only you know hidden in my heart!


God is uniting His holy army to fight the final decisive battle

The God of heaven and of earth is uniting His holy army from the four corners of the earth to fight the final decisive battle. Satan is also uniting his army for this decisive confrontation. You must listen, believe and act promptly in perfect obedience to the God who loves you.



Mark 8:31-38 

Martyrdom of the human heart is the intimate union of love in My Sacred Heart

To be one with Me means that you become the living tabernacle of God. My loving, pulsating Heart lives in you as one with you. You feel My sorrows and participate in my groans for the fulfillment of humanity's transformation into LOVE. The martyrdom of the human heart is the intimate union of love in My Sacred Heart. You live the sorrows of the Heart that is love, in as much as you allow Me to share My chalice with you. It is usually only a sip of one drop until your being acquires the taste of My Blood, and it loses its bitterness in the Divine sweetness of My love. My daughter, My Heart overflows with the sorrows of rejection. Share in My rejection as you share My words and are not ashamed (Mark 8: 31-38). 


Feast of St Paul of the Cross 

Do not let the thief catch you unprepared

Message for LC


I have formed you (LC), trained you, dressed you to be My prophets of light to warn and awaken My people before the horrible day of judgement comes down upon you. There will be wailing, groaning, and grinding of teeth in your streets. The darkness of evil will cover you. Be prepared when these things happen that I speak to you about. Do not let the thief catch you unprepared. Believe, you are My people, My little ones, held in the Father's palm. Believe that I am one with you, the Light in the world, My living hosts. Believe, so that My Light can shine through you to penetrate the darkness consuming the world. Believe in the Power of God working through His hidden force. Love and continue to suffer ALL, as one with Me in My sacrifice of love, to enter prepared with God's armor the fiercest battle that is at hand. Do not be ashamed of My words (Mark 8: 38) and share the treasure of Heaven that has been entrusted to you (The Simple Path to Union with God) with many. Complete My Path and as My Heralds of Hope teach it from the housetops. This is your mission. Respond with great zeal and courage of heart, as My warriors of love, for these decisive times.


Prepare the way for the Lord

Be My voice in the desert crying out, “Prepare the way for the Lord!” Who will listen? The holy remnant of God. Prepare the way with the souls that have been made clean through the blood of My victim souls. Speak with the courage that has been given to you the desires of My Heart. The Path is the treasure of heaven entrusted to you to form many pure victim souls, saints, to prepare the way for My coming.




All Saints Day

The salvation of the multitudes depends on the response of My victim souls

A victim soul voluntarily chooses to become one with the slaughtered Lamb of God. They choose to wear My wounds of love. In this perfect union of love, they receive the power of God to redeem and save souls with Me. Many are being made clean through the lives of My victim souls. These souls are the ones who truly become My mystical Body, and because of this, share in the redemption of humanity. The salvation of the multitudes depends on the response of My victim souls (JN 6:8,9). These are My saints whose robes have been made clean through the Blood of the Lamb of God and have become pure in the image and likeness of God (1JN 3:3 / Rev. 7:14).



Martyrdom of the heart is the martyrdom of suffering with Love and for Love

The martyrdom of the heart is the martyrdom of suffering with Love and for Love. My daughter, if you could only understand the fruit of the martyrdom of suffering you would desire nothing else on earth. The hidden life of suffering with Love and for Love is of far greater worth than great and small works tainted with human recognition. Believe in the hidden force contained in the martyrdom of the heart. This is the purest fragrance of love that has the power to conquer the enemies of God.


Free many souls from their entanglements with sin

As I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament the novena of our Lady of Undoer of Knots, Jesus brought my interior sight to see Him again bound with rope and I unbounded Him. He now revealed that rope to me again, but this time with knots in it. He explained to me again that He wants us to receive the knots of many souls, and as one with Mary to suffer with Him to unbind many souls and set them free. This is the chain of love…

Then Jesus said:

The harvest is ready to be harvested. The wheat will be separated from the weeds, but the wheat that has grown interwoven with the weeds will be cast out to burn in the fire of God's justice. Your life no longer belongs to you. It has become an oblation pleasing to the Father to free many souls from their entanglements with sin. Your life has become a living sacrifice with Me to set many free while there is still time. Live who you are as My sacrifice of living love.



My Anniversary of my union with Jesus

Fulfillment of Revelation 14

The time is at hand for the fulfillment of Revelation 14. I, the Lamb of God, am coming to reap the harvest, but first the 144,000 are sealed and prepared. These are My holy remnant of victim souls that have been made clean in the Blood of the Lamb and marked with the power of My Cross. You, My spouse of My precious Blood, have received the life of My mission. My mission within you is My life and desire of My Sacred Heart. This life has been preparing you, purifying you, and making you worthy to be called the spouse of My Blood. This life has brought you to be one with My Mother of Sorrows so that you can also be My channel of living grace for the multitudes. Go forth My daughter and live who you are. Allow the mission entrusted to you to pour out from your being as My living grace for these end times. The time of reaping draws very near; gather together My holy remnant.




I have loved you as one with the Father and the Holy Spirit

I Am the Lord of Hosts. I Am your Redeemer and Savior that comes forth into the world from the love of our Father... I Am the Son of the living God. I came from heaven to earth because from the beginning of time I have known you.... I have loved you as one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I came upon the world to touch you, gaze upon you, and suffer for you in My human nature, so that, through Me, you could come to know, touch, and see the love of Abba for you.



Fusion of hearts is the kiss of union

The fusion of hearts takes place through the sword of suffering as ONE. It is through the union in suffering that you die more-and-more to self, until it is no longer you who lives but I Who lives in you... The fusion of hearts is the kiss of union; the embrace of the Holy Spirit; the embrace of Love.


Interior cloister lived in the heart

I have entered the hidden life, no longer within my home, but now within my heart.  I feel I have been cloistered within myself. I feel the solitude, for there is no one who can share in this interior cloister with me. It is I and Jesus, but also Mary because I feel as one with her. The vision of my body as a living cloth prostrated on the floor absorbing the Blood of Jesus in 2006, I am now living.  My heart has become that simple, insignificant cloth that has now wrapped itself around the crucified Body of my Lord. In the hidden cloister of my heart, I live absorbing His Blood and suffering my sins and the sins of humanity as I receive His wounds. I feel total silence, stillness... I cannot seem to speak; I have no desire to do, but only to live in Jesus' crucified love adoring, thanking, and suffering with Mary the sins of many... The words, the interior visions are all gone, and I am left in the embrace of Love. Who can understand this hidden life so beautiful, so powerful, and so hidden? I feel I am living profoundly in the hidden force of God's love. My soul desires to do nothing as far as speaking, teaching, writing, for living in this union of sorrows is of far greater fecundity. As I enter this interior cloister, my soul in Love seems to be extending far into the world. I am living St. Benedicta of the Cross's words. Who can understand this hidden life? My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!


Feast of the Holy Innocents

Speak the truth of the darkness that Satan wants to keep hidden

My beloved one, you have a mission that must be accomplished in you. You hold the Word of everlasting life. You possess the God of heaven and earth. You must bring to life the mission with in you. Are you willing to forfeit your life so that many will receive new life? You must allow the barrier to come down that prevents you from speaking the truth as My living torrent of grace. The truth will set you free, and living in a lie will keep you in bondage. You have not been asked to form good men and women, but pure victims of love. You must always speak the truth of the darkness that Satan wants to keep hidden in the hearts of My sons and daughters. My victim souls will be the power of God's love to free many from Satan’s deception. Speak the truth of all that I reveal to your heart.


The Light is Love

Only love radiates the light of God, for the light is Love. The light of Jesus Christ is love that suffers for all and with all. Love in pain and sorrow. Love that enters into the brokenness of humanity and receives her brokenness into Himself to heal and restore her in God. Love receives her wounds and bears them upon His Body to heal her with the balm of His tenderness in mercy. This is the Light of the world. This is Love, the Word Incarnate. Receive My wounds, the sin, brokenness and oppression of your brothers and sisters, so that you can radiate My light in the darkness. This is love. The love of the world is self-seeking and self- centered, but the love of God is self-giving.