Una llamada de Dios para formar a Sus almas víctimas para estos tiempos decisivos

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*JULY 2013



White Martyrdom 

Last night as I prayed the rosary with my family, I felt the presence of Jesus interiorly. He was in His glorified Body and He was wearing a white robe. I entered the gaze of His eyes. I was walking a few steps behind Him, and I was wearing a white gown and veil…


This morning after Mass, while we prayed the rosary, Jesus came to me again in the same manner as last night. He said to me, "follow Me." I responded to my Lord, "Grant me your grace, for without you, I can do nothing..." I have felt so fatigued and sick for the past few weeks. It seems I can't accomplish anything. Writing an email seems to be an impossible task. I feel complete weakness physically and mentally. 


I continued to walk towards my Beloved with my eyes fixed on His gaze. He is so beautiful! Through the power of His gaze, my heart was flooded with love and the understanding that as my Lord's spouse of His most precious Blood, He desires for me to collect His tears of sorrow for our sons and daughters and to accompany Him in His sufferings. 


He then pointed, and I looked and saw a large white cross standing as if on the ground.  My eyes continued fixed on His gaze. I then saw myself nailed on the white cross with my white gown and veil flapping as if a wind was blowing. Jesus was standing at the foot of the cross gazing at me as His sacrifice to the Father. He lifted His hands up towards Heaven, presenting me to the Father as His living sacrifice. I felt and saw three powerful and distinct Lights coming from heaven to me: the Lights of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then, these Lights as one, yet distinct, radiated out from me. Jesus then said, "Believe in the power of the martyrdom of the heart." I understood the white martyrdom. Then Jesus explained to me that this pure martyrdom is being used by the Father as grace for the purity of His sons (priests). 



The Lord explains to me the vision I had on 7/9/13:


The white gown represents your life as My pure victim of love. This white pure mantle soaked in My precious Blood, through your union in suffering all with Me, will cover the world by the Holy Spirit. It will have the power from on High to extinguish the darkness from Satan that now has penetrated the entire world. Your mission is to help raise up God's pure victims of love to defeat the darkness of Satan. My daughter, bring Me victim souls for the decisive battle is at hand.



Mary's White Army  

Mt have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike."


The childlike innocent will inherit the Kingdom of God. My little one, the decisive battle for the salvation of the world is about to be waged. The greatest forces of evil are almost all in place. Many lives will be lost. This is the battle I have been preparing you for, My little one. It will be won by My pure victims of love. These have the innocence of a child in their love for Me. These trust in the power of My sacrifice of love. These unite to My sacrifice as one with Me to obtain grace for the world. These are Mary's white army. This army will wage war against the principalities of death and win. Allow Me to detach you from all things so that you can become one with God. 


*AUGUST 2013



My victim intercessors need to be purified in the fire of many sufferings.

Amos 3:7 "Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants, the prophets."

God the Father: I, the God of heaven and earth, am with you. I have heard your cries. It is I, My little one, who has chosen you to raise up My army of victim souls. This is My army which possesses My power. Believe in the power of your sorrows immersed in the Sacred Heart of My Son. Suffer all with perfect faith in the power of Christ's crucified love. Suffer with patient endurance. The Kingdom of God is at hand... My victim intercessors need to be purified in the fire of many sufferings.



White Army

Message from our Blessed Mother: 

My little one, be attentive, for God our Father is allowing Satan to tempt you (LC). The power of your intercession is contained in the purity of your hearts, the purity of your intentions. Trust, and with patient endurance, allow all your disorders to come to the Light. It is only in this way that you can be made pure in the furnace of God's love. I need you to be my pure intercessors of love before the throne of our Father with me. You are my white army.



Divine Love on earth is victim love

Do you love Me?

To love Me is to allow yourself to be set ablaze with the fire of Divine Love. Love of Me is to suffer as ONE with Me for others solely for Love. I lived the interior crucifixion because I am ONE with the Father. This perfect and pure love for My Father moved Me to offer Myself as His sacrifice of love because His desire for you is My desire for you; thus, Love moved Me to offer up to Love My living sacrifice as ONE with Love.

Divine Love on earth is victim love; any other love is not Divine Love.





A new dawn is coming upon the earth

message to LC

I bring glad tidings to you. The Father has found favor with you (LC). You have listened to My voice bringing you out of the desert into new life. Be diligent, My little ones, be diligent! For the God of heaven and earth will shake the earth. A new dawn is coming upon the earth. You, My holy remnant, if you remain faithful during the time of great darkness, will see the Light of the new dawn rising from the east. Persevere!



Living the interior martyrdom with Jesus has become my life

Living the interior martyrdom with Jesus has become my life. I participate intimately and painfully in my Lord's agony of love for the healing and transformation of others. This interior life is very active, affecting my physical state of being, my emotions, my intellect, my perceptions, my thoughts, my words, and my deeds. Living in the hidden force of God's love in the Eucharist has become my life and joy.


God in His infinite goodness allowed me to live and see the fruit of this hidden martyrdom, the unbinding of a close friend. Words cannot express the wonderment, the awe, and consuming gratitude that I am experiencing. 


Today the Holy Spirit brought me to ponder Baruch 4. In these words, I encounter who I am in Jesus crucified during these times of great darkness.


 I have taken off the robe of peace and put on the sackcloth of my supplication: I will cry to the Everlasting all my days. Take courage, my children, cry to God, and he will deliver you from the power and hand of the enemy. For I have put my hope in the Everlasting to save you, and joy has come to me from the Holy One, because of the mercy which soon will come to you...


I have become this spiritual mother, one with the Mother of God, through the infinite mercy of Jesus Christ, supplicating for all my children, which I feel has expanded to all of God's children, with tears and perfect hope in Christ's Cross and Resurrection. I am the mother supplicating before the throne of the Father through the interior martyrdom of love as ONE with my Love crucified.


What gratitude for such a beautiful and powerful life!



Prepare to enter the decisive battle 

Prepare to enter the decisive battle I have been preparing you for so many years. You are dressed fully in the "armor of God'. You will lead My army of victim souls to wage the war against the principalities of darkness. Be still; be silent; be ready for the battle cry; be recollected, for the hour is coming when the prince of darkness will cover the earth, and then My army of victim souls will be sent out, with Me upon the white horse of righteousness, to conquer the forces of evil. Be prepared!!!





Renew your consecrations today as My victims of pure love in Spirit and in Truth.

Message to LC: 


Consecrate yourselves in Spirit and Truth. The Spirit sets ablaze with His fire your oblation. I am the Truth. When you consecrate yourself in Me, you are set free through the power of My Blood. Fire and Blood are what are needed for every consecration to bring forth life. Renew your consecrations today as My victims of pure love in Spirit and in Truth.


(Then the Lord began to place in my heart how we are to consecrate ourselves)


"I renew my consecration today through God's pure victim of love, Mary Most Holy. Through her perfect oblation as one in My perfect sacrifice of love, I present my life to you, Abba, our Father. Receive my life as Christ's pure sacrifice of love for the purification of God's Bride, the Church."


(Then the Lord had me finish the consecration with the words I wrote on the Feast of the Annunciation in 2009.)


My Mother, receive my "fiat," impure and faltering, and make it perfect in you. I consecrate all that I am and all that I have to you, my sweet Mother. I give you my hands that, through the pierced hands of your Son, they may become your instruments of love, reconciliation, peace, and healing. I give you my feet that they remain barefoot, completely detached from everything that is not your most Holy Son; feet that continue to move forward with perfect trust into the deep. I give you my heart, harsh and wretched so that you can replace it with yours. It is only through your Immaculate and suffering Heart that I can love my Beloved the way that He has loved me. I give you my mind, impure as it is, for you to renew through the precious crown of thorns. Provide for me the graces to wear your Son's crown as you did. I give you my eyes that they may see only the goodness of God in everyone; eyes that find the presence of God in everything; eyes that are able to contemplate the beauty of your Son in the Eucharist. I give you my ears so that, through you, I can hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit and recognize the voice of God speaking to me. I give you my mouth that, through you, silence becomes my continuous cry of love to my Beloved, that every word that I speak brings glory and honor to God. Grant me the grace to take full authority over my thoughts and words so that my life, in you, becomes a red rose with the fragrance of purity and humility to the Most Holy Trinity. Amen


(Then the Lord finished by giving this message to LC:)


My little one, believe that God our Father will receive the oblation of your lives today in Spirit and Truth as a living torrent of grace to bless the world. You must believe in the power of your hidden ordinary lives united as ONE to My sacrifice of love as God's hidden force that will renew the face of the earth. 


I have entered the decisive battle

I have been living interiorly in deep darkness. I feel a total void within my being; the void of God.


Today in the Blessed Sacrament Jesus came to my soul to help me and explain what I am living. He said I have entered the battle He has been preparing me for. He said I have been dressed in the armor of God, and I have entered the darkness of the world, which is the void of God. I need to live in this darkness with great love, patience, endurance... I need to choose to love, for love pierces the darkness. I will live the temptations of many souls in this darkness: discouragement, anger, depression, lust, sensuality... I need to continue to fast and live very simply, detached from the things of the world as much as possible.




Feast of Christ the King for our LC Community

Receive the crown of glory, the crown of thorns

Receive the crown of glory, the crown of thorns. The King of Kings allows Himself to be crowned with the crown of thorns. I permitted this so that all of humanity would know and see the thorns crowning My human and divine Heart. My interior crucifixion I lived through the thorns of ingratitude, rejection, ridicule, murmurings, lies, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, deception, arrogance, pride in all its disguises.... My Heart is crowned with the darkness of your sin (humanity). This is how I lived My Kingship on earth, and it is how I continue to live My Kingship in the Eucharist, for this is Love. To share in My Kingship on earth is to share in My crown of thorns. As my spouse of My Most Precious Blood, you must receive with greater docility, abandonment, and love My thorns through the darkness in the hearts of our sons and daughters. This is the perfect participation in the life of your Beloved, the life of Love. 





Prepare to encounter Justice

Prepare the way. Prepare for what? Prepare to encounter Justice (God). Love (God) is Justice. You have been encountering Mercy, but each soul must prepare to encounter Justice. On that day, will you remain standing, or will you be swept away in His justice? My little one, very few are prepared to encounter Justice. The gaze of Justice will condemn you or embrace you in an instant. Few are prepared to encounter Justice, the gaze of Truth. You, Fr Jordi, and My community of LC are called to help many prepare the way through the Simple Path to Union I have entrusted to you. My hidden martyrs of love are a gift of Divine Mercy to help many be prepared to encounter the gaze of Justice. I desire that you work more diligently to finish the Path, My little one, for the time is short. My hidden victims of love are preparing the way through the power of their blood united to My precious Blood being poured upon many by the mercy of Abba. You, My family, are helping God prepare our people for the encounter with Justice. It will visit you like a thief in the night, and few are prepared. Bring Me, victim souls, for the time of justice is upon you, soon to be knocking at your door. Be attentive to the words I speak to your heart; be obedient. Share them immediately with Father. Respond, My little one, with all the passion of your life. Be pure and holy as I am Holy. Live whom you are as My martyrs of Divine Love preparing the multitudes for the great and terrible day. Prepare the way as the new men and women clothed in the white gown made clean in the Blood of the Lamb. You are My white army being sent out into the world to prepare the way for the encounter with Justice (God). 



Crown of glory is the crown of martyrs

The crown of glory is the crown of martyrs. It is reserved for those who enter the King's court. It is for those who enter the interior chamber to dwell with God. Persevere in wearing the crown of many thorns. I am permitting for you to receive the oppression in the hearts of others as one with Me… Suffer those attacks, My little one, with perfect trust and love obtaining graces for the many who are oppressed. This hidden life of suffering the oppression of other souls with Me will obtain for you the crown of glory.



END OF 2013